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US Office

41 Madison Avenue

31st Floor

New York, NY 10010

Phone: 646-202-2469

Email: contactus@sachajuan.com

Accessibility: compliance@sachajuan.com

Swedish Office

Box 24023

104 50 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 36 98 05

Email: haircare@sachajuan.com

Email: press@sachajuan.com
Online shop
Email: contactus@sachajuan.com


  • Product Information

    Do your products contain silicones?

    Most SACHAJUAN products are silicon-free.
    Some of our products do however contain dimethicone. 
    This is used to provide anti-frizz and shine benefits without leaving your hair heavy and flat.

    Do your products contain Parabens?

    All our products are paraben free.

    Do your products contain Sulphates?

    Most of our products are free from sulphates (except Shampoo, handwash, bodywash).

    Are your products Cruelty free?

    Yes, all our products are cruelty free

    Are your products Vegan?

    Yes, most of our products are vegan (Except Hair Wax, Root Lift Strong Hold, Moulding spray and Ocean mist Hair Cream).

    Are your products Organic?

    No, we are not organic.

    Do your products contain Triclosan?

    No, all our products are Triclosan free

    Do your products contain Toluene?

    No, all our products are Toluene free.

    Do your products contain Phenylenediamine?

    No, all our products are Phenylenediamine free.

    Do your products contain Aminophenol?

    No, all our products are Aminophenol free.

    Do the products contain fragrance?

    Most of our products contain fragrance. The following product only contain natural scents and no added perfume.

    Scalp Shampoo

    What is Ocean Silk Technology?

    The Ocean Silk Technology is a technique where we combine extracts from two cold water algae - Rhodophycea and Chondrus. The unique combination of ingredients works both on the surface and the interior of the hair, increasing elasticity and moisture. The technique helps the hair's mineral balance with magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc and nourishes the scalp. This way , our products elevate and enhance the natural characteristics of your hair.

    Do any of your products promote hair growth?

    None of our products promotes hair growth. However, our scalp scrub stimulates the scalp, increases blood circulation and promotes new cell growth - Find It here.

    Do you offer free samples?

    All online orders include free samples. If we do not ship to your country please contact your local retailer, salon or distributor regarding samples.

    Where can I purchase SACHAJUAN products?

    Find the full list of our retailers and salons here.

    Where are your products produced?

    All our product development is based in Sweden and the vast majority of our products are made here. The only exception is when national legislation from a given market requests that we make a product in that country.

    Are SACHAJUAN products safe for keratin-treated hair?


    Can SACHAJUAN products be used with hair extensions?


  • Product Guide

    How do I find the right products for my hair?

    Explore our full catalog of hair care collection sets and find the right one for your hair.

  • Payment

    Accepted Payments

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Elo, Shop Pay (Shopify Payments), Apple Pay, Google Pay

    Payment methods:

    PayPal Express Checkout
    Shopify Payments

  • Delivery

    Which countries do you ship to?

    We are currently shipping to the US, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. We are soon opening our online store to all countries members of EU. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

    Which courier service do you use?

    We ship all orders via UPS.

    Where do you ship?

    We are currently shipping to the US, Sweden, Denmark,and Finland. We are soon opening our online store to all member countries of the European Union. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

    Is the packaging made from sustainable materials?

    The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

    When will I receive my order?

    Standard Ground 

    Delivery Time 3-7 business days* 


    Delivery time 2-3 business days*


    Delivery time 1 business day*

  • Returns

    How do I return a product?

    Please send a message to contactus@sachajuan.com including the following information:

    Your name
    Your email address
    Your phone number
    Order Number

    And our Customer Service are happy to help!

    How long do refunds typically take?

    When approved, we will refund on original payment method. This process typically takes 3-5 business days upon receiving your return.

    I have bought your products through one of your retailers/salon, how do I return an item?

    For purchases made outside Sachajuan.com, contact the retailer/salon where you purchased the product.

    What are your return policies?

    We will accept returns on defective/damaged unused items within 15 days from order date.

    Read our full Refund Policy here.

Please contact us at haircare@sachajuan.com if you have any further questions.