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Colored Hair Protection

SACHAJUAN provides the best products to protect your colored hair. Whether it’s the COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO or COLOUR PROTECT CONDITIONER, SACHAJUAN products contain microemulsion technology to prevent color fade and add bounce to leave your hair with a silky shine. 

Avoid Too Much Use of Chemical Products

If you're using a lot of chemical products on your hair, it's time to cut back. Overusing poor shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, and other treatments can damage your hair and make it dry and brittle. It’s important to use a COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO, along with a COLOUR PROTECT CONDITIONER that is made to specifically protect your hair and leave it with a healthy shine.

Focus on using products that nourish your hair and help it heal, or find a superior product with non-harmful ingredients like INTENSIVE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

Improve Your Lifestyle

Dry, damaged hair is a common problem caused by various factors, including your lifestyle. To improve dry, damaged hair, drink more water, eat more vegetables that contain biotin - and make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet. This will help restore the natural oils and moisture levels in your scalp and hair follicles. Of course, just this itself won’t repair your hair, but it’s absolutely essential in one of the main building blocks. 

Using SACHAJUAN’s HAIR REPAIR has the ability to repair your hair while adding extreme shine. Coupled with SHINE SERUM, these two amazing SACHAJUAN products have the ability to leave a healthy shine and absorb lightweight weightlessly without leaving residue that would normally be found in other products.